Gabriel McKeagney working in his studio, San Juan Capistrano, California.

My Great Grandfathers Cart

My Great Grandfathers Cart

Official site of Gabriel McKeagney, Artist and Master Wood Craftsman.  Gabriel hails from big Tempo, County Fermanagh,  Northern Ireland and is from a fifth-generation family member known for their skills in woodwork, blacksmithing and masonry.

Having this same affinity for wood, art and math, it was an intuitive decision for Gabriel to embark on his ancestors footsteps and become a full-time apprentice as a master woodworker.


 During his career as a woodworker Gabriel has worked in Ireland, England, New York and San Francisco, now residing in So California for over 20 years.  Having mastered the art of furniture design and  manufacture, Gabriel now likes to build heirloom pieces that will be loved and cared for in to the future.  His life practice and love of art, aesthetic and design informs his work and further drives his original aesthetic.  

He has long loved and understands the language of carving and drives it in his work, making it modern where necessary, but never shying away from an element in 3D or a carving deemed necessary to complete the overall aesthetic. 





A 500+ year old Asian Market Cart design reproduced to authentic museum quality.















Gabe's hand tools are collected from around the world. They are selected from the finest historical tools over time, with careful consideration.


Gabriel McKeagney speaking for ArtCAM software, 2015